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Legacy Fiduciary Services, PLC offers professional estate services to its clients.

Estate administration can be complex and time consuming.  We encourage our clients to select an executor who is honest, diplomatic, and diligent, and who has integrity, strong organizational skills, common sense, and, most importantly, the time necessary to dedicate to the process. 

Selecting a Professional Administrator

Many clients avoid placing the burden of estate administration on a family member or friend by appointing a professional administrator.  Selection of an independent third party may avoid difficult family politics, provide objectivity, remove the burden from a loved one or family friend, or provide the expertise necessary to manage a particularly complex estate.

Professional Investment Advisor

Our firm does not provide professional investment advisory services.  As executor of an estate, if such services are required, we will employ a professional investment advisor to manage the investments of the estate assets under our control.  Recommendations from the beneficiaries are taken into account.  The fees of the investment advisor are in addition to any fees charges for our professional administrative services.

​In serving as the executor, Legacy Fiduciary Services provides the following services:

•    Probate of the will/ Qualification of the executor
•    Marshalling the assets of the estate
•    Arrange asset appraisals and valuations
•    Oversight of asset management (such as real estate) and business interest
•    Submission of reports to beneficiaries 
•    Reports to the Commissioner of Accounts
•    Maintenance of records of income and expenses
•    Coordination of state and federal income tax returns

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