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Introducing Legacy Fiduciary Services, PLC (LFS) - The best of both worlds.

Legacy Fiduciary Services, PLC (LFS), an affiliate of Carrell Blanton Ferris & Associates, PLC, is a law firm dedicated to serving as trustee, executor or administrator in accordance with the Code of Virginia.

LFS provides an alternative to a bank or a trust company, allowing you to maintain the relationships with your trusted advisors while preserving the continuity of your existing estate plan. Often with a bank or trust company you are required to transfer all the responsibilities to them. Consequently, you relinquish the relationships that have been established over the years.

The attorneys at LFS are dedicated to ensuring that your careful planning is implemented. We make it our job to stay current with changing trust laws and regulations, and we work closely with financial advisors like yours to help ensure that your needs and the needs of your loved ones are being met.

LFS does not manage the investment of trust assets but works with your financial advisor, who continues to manage your assets while we administer your trust or estate.

Interested in learning more about how LFS can address your needs?

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